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We deliver a broad range of services that guarantee measurable results and a positive impact on your business. Specializing in Pension Fund Beneficiary Tracing  including  the collections of outstanding Debt and Tracing Services.


Our fees are aligned to industry norms and is discussed with our clients during the on boarding process, as we specialize in both trace and debt collection. We also ensure that our fees are aligned as per the SLA's signed with our clients

Handover Accounts

The handover of accounts to GM Tracing Solution once received, we start the Tracing process immediately and accounts are worked within 48 hours to establish contact. A distinction is made between Beneficiary Tracing and Debt collection accounts to ensure consistent efficiency.

Our strategies include age analyses of accounts to improve effectiveness throughout the Tracing and Debt collection process.

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During month end we have Extended Working hours until 20:00 PM
We are closed on Sundays and Public holidays

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