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About Us

We are a proudly South African company, experienced in Beneficiary Tracing for unclaimed Pension Funds and over two decades experience in the Debt Collection Industry. This is from your early debt collections to your written off debt.

We constantly seek new methods to improve our Tracing and Debt collection techniques, in our pursued to become The recognised leader in the industry.

Our staff

Our staff is well experienced in Beneficiary Tracing. We therefore believe that as a company we must invest in constant training to ensure our staff is competent and well equipped to handle any challenging situation. Our Company is registered with the DCA and familiar with the Act's that governs our industry.

We at GM Tracing Solution strive to provide a First call resolution as we understand that time is money.

Mission statement

To be the leading competitor in Beneficiary Tracing and Debt Collection industry and be the go to company in this field. Our belief and aim is to become the leading Beneficiary Tracing company throughout South Africa.

Office hours





During month end we have Extended Working hours until 20:00 PM
We are closed on Sundays and Public holidays

Welcome to GM Tracing Solution

Contact number: +27 11 613 7610 or complete the contact form

Vision statement

To be recognised by our clients as not only an important partner but as a valuable contributor to their business objectives, and to be the leading Tracing agency by making use of current technologies to improve our Tracing Techniques and problem solving capabilities. At the same time providing exceptional customer service.

We constanly recruiting for external tracers apply below when you want to be part of this dynamic team